Working mum of three

Figuring it out as we go along. Blogging is cheaper than therapy.

About me

Parenting, working, laughing. Doing whatever it takes to survive.

Funny old thing life. Never would I have pictured myself moving back to my home town, having three kids and working for a Tory government. But here we are.

I’ve dabbled with blogging before. It’s a bit like therapy, put your innermost thoughts out there and wait for comments. The fear of our third pregnancy prompted me to search the net for blogs by other working mums of three. But it seems like these women have better thing to do, like problem solving, communicating and influencing, learning and developing – and that’s just family breakfast. So now I somehow feel a strange responsibility to share some of my thinking. To prove it can be done. Sometimes through tears, exhaustion and despair, but it can be done.

A while ago, my mum told me that they had decided not to have more than two kids as it would almost certainly mean one of them having to give up work. We’re about to find out if times have changed enough for us to figure it out…

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