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Christmas roundup

It’s been another momentous year for the Checkland Harts. Over the summer we welcomed baby 3 to the crew. He’s a beautiful mix of his big brothers and is endlessly entertained by their antics.

We’ve decided to lay our roots in Swansea, starting the kids in welsh school and buying our own house in the marina. It’s impossible to beat our New York bubble, but we’ve been spoiled here with a beautiful summer, happy kids and finding old and new friends (not to mention the easy access to babysitters).

5yo has really settled into full time school and bounds into class each day. He’s a brilliant welsh coach for the rest of us, gently correcting our pronunciation and coaxing us along. He’s also been wowing us with questions like: how many waves are in the sea? (Answers on a postcard please). He loves riding his bike around the marina and is beautifully patient with his little bros.

3yo also started school, his favourite part is ‘everything!’. He’s a prolific artist and loves to put on a show for visitors. His teacher said he is a well loved, quiet, considered wee chap, which is quite a different story from the tyke we know at home.

Rich has made it through his first year with IT learning software company CDSM and is well on his way to sorting out the online learning of welsh school kids. He seems to have convinced them that he’s a hot shot NY project manager. Switching to the private sector has been a bit of an adjustment, so he’s busy introducing mentoring and competence appraisals. He’s got back into some regular football playing and has seen more Swans matches than West Ham.

For the third (and final – ed) time, Rhi has taken a break from work for that all important baby bonding time. It’s been a blur of sleep deprivation, school runs and cooing. Before going on leave, she was working to better the UKs human rights efforts, including by getting us elected to the Human Rights Council. She’s looking forward to getting her teeth back into it in February, though the childcare burden pulls heavily on the heart strings.

We are hoping for a few less life changes in the coming year so we can get on with just living. We had so many lovely visits this year and hope well see even more of you in 2014.

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