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World book week

on March 6, 2013

It’s world book week. Literary appreciation month. Reading rocks day. Something like that. Whatever it is, it requires a costume.

Superhero day was challenging enough, we ended up with a ripped tshirt over a green top for Incredible Hulk. But getting the kids to choose a character from a book was slightly worrying from a literary perspective. ‘Dora?’ ‘Diego?’ ‘The Octonauts?!’ – to be fair, we do have story books of those characters, but still.

So despite saying good morning to the Dylan Thomas statue every time we pass, regardless of the literary links in their names, and in spite of our overflowing kids bookcases, I have to coax a response as if they were teenagers already.

Browsing through the strewn book collection, the Snail and the Whale gave me a flash of inspiration: an old blue bag and some packing paper from the garage. It wouldn’t be that hard. 3 evenings later and we are nearly there.

So imagine my horror on checking the school website only to discover that costume day was Monday. Not only a wasted creative effort, but the thought of my 4yo being sent to school without a costume. That poor neglected, unloved child. I bet his mother chose her career over her kids. Tut tut.

Luckily, the boys’ nursery did costumes today, so at least we got some use out of them.




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