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The great snow of 2013

on February 8, 2013

I’m sitting at the kitchen table watching the snow dump down for the fourth time in as many days. The TV is in charge of 4yo and my dad is battling the wild weather to fetch 2yo from nursery. I have never before been so affected by snow. And we used to live in New York! Both kids schools have been closed – which is unheard of.

The disruption to work is dreadful. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand why the schools are closed, I support the staff, and frankly, snow is so rare in Swansea that it is not worth getting upset over. But it’s another of those things that you forget to take into account when being a working parent. I hate to feel like I am letting people down. I hate having to call my boss and explain that I will need to look after my kids for a few hours. I want to keep the two things separate, for my boss to see me as a competent worker and my kids to see me as mum. I like boundaries. For me, the overlaps are the worst: leaving work for a pre-natal appointment, missing bedtime for a work thing. There was a magic moment a few years back, playing with my little boy, we couldn’t find the mum lego character, his response was ‘oh well, she’s probably at an important meeting’. Utter heart break. On reflection, it’s a beautiful indication that we are getting our messages right – my feminist friends were thrilled as I regaled the story. I realised then that you can’t separate it all. Kids are darn perceptive and work colleagues need to know your pressures so they can be supportive.


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